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„Oh hi Shirley! So great to see you!“, Lena exclaimed happily when she opened the door.
„I'm great, how are you? How was your weekend?“, her neighbor asked back while hugging her tight.
„It was pretty much the usual family visit, nothing extraordinary. I'll tell you all about it later, but please do come in!“, Lena urged and pulled her friend into the hallway. „You look fantastic, is that a new dress?“
„Yes it is! I'm so glad you noticed. Do you like it?“, Shirley asked and twirled around on her heels.
Lena had to admit, her neighbor looked gorgeous, even though she was already in her forties. Shirley had long legs which emanated from a wide, prolific pelvis and a substantial behind. Her voluminous H-cup breasts weren't constrained by any kind of bra and pushed against the tight cloth of her new summer dress with her lazy chestnut curls almost tickling her profound cleavage. And although she did have a few extra pounds on her hips, they did only make her even more alluring.
In short, Shirley seemed to be the complete opposite of her younger friend. Lena was flat where Shirley was curvy. She had an athletic, well-toned body where the older woman had a juicy, fleshy softness. Lena was several inches shorter and preferred to wear her fair hair in a simple ponytail instead of it falling over her Nordic face. They truly did make an odd couple.
„Hello there! It's nice of you to pop by, Shirley.“ Lena's husband had stumbled into the hallway, attracted by the women's laughter.
“Why hello Mick, looking great as always. Busy working?” The young man blushed and scratched the dark stubble on his chin. “Yea, have to. There is always someone out there who needs a software engineer.”
“Ha, funny you should say that, Mick, cause that's pretty much why I'm here”, Shirley giggled and looked at Lena, “I hope you're not jealous now, honey.”
“By no means! Help yourself!”, Lena replied sassily, “But we should really have a cup of coffee together some time, don't you think?”
“Oh definitely, my dear! What about Wednesday?”, the neighbor replied excitedly.
“Sounds wonderful!”
“What seems to be the problem then, Shirley” asked Mick in a more serious tone, trying to get the conversation back on topic.
The older woman suddenly remembered why she'd come over.“Oh yes, right.” Slightly embarrassed, she pulled her smartphone from her purse. “You see, I've been having some trouble with my cell phone. I can't get the internet to work any more.”
“Well then, let's have a look at it shall we? I can hook it up to my computer and see what's going on.”
Lena laughed. “All right, I'll leave you two then, I don't think I'll be much use here anyway. If you need me, I'll be upstairs! Still have some laundry to do!”
“Okay, we'll shout if we need anything!”, her next-door bestie replied gleefully before hurrying after Mick into his office.
“Well then, let's see…”, Mick plugged a cable into Shirley's phone and connected the other end to his computer
“Thanks so much for doing this, Michael. I'm not that gifted when it comes to technology.” Shirley giggled while massaging the young man's shoulders with lithe fingers. Mick could feel the warm flesh of her breasts press against his back and couldn't help but feel slightly aroused. He and Lena were newly wed and madly in love, but still he couldn't deny Shirley's allure.
“Don't mention it, I'm glad I can help”, Mick said while clicking his way through a series of control windows. He tried to ignore his neighbor's hands which were traveling across his chest and belly, teasing and caressing. She probably just wanted to give him a relaxing thank-you massage while he was fixing her phone, right?
“Hm… this is a bit strange…”, he mumbled, “I'm really sorry Shirley, but I can't find anything wrong here. Your internet seems to be working just fine”
“I know, honey”, the woman replied calmly while grasping Mick's belt buckle.
“No, I mean I really can't- Hey, what are you doing?”
His busty neighbor grasped him by his underpants, pulled him to his feet and shoved the poor man against the book shelf before he even knew what was going on. She pushed her succulent boobs against his chest, her voluptuous lips were only inches away from his face. Teasingly she shoved her knee between his thighs.
“What the fuck are you doing!?”, he hissed utterly perplexed. Mick didn't know why he kept his voice down. For some reason he didn't want Lena to notice, although he knew she would believe him if he said it wasn't his fault. He tried to shove the busty woman away, but with her right hand on his groin and juicy curves pressed against him she had him firmly fixated against the book shelf.
“Don't worry, my dear!”, she tried to calm him, “I'm not going to do anything drastic. I just want to have a small taste of that lovely cake your sweet wife keeps raving about.” She tickled his groin through his underwear. “You know, I'm all on my own in such a big house and sometimes it get's terribly lonely there.” A wistful sigh escaped her lips.
When she felt Mick relax a bit, she smiled. “I'll make sure you enjoy this as much as I do”
Eagerly she got on her knees and pulled down his pants. She kept her left hand on his abdomen, just to make sure he wouldn't suddenly run of. When she pulled down his boxers Mick's already semi-erect penis popped out. “At least some autoréglage one here is happy about this”, she whispered naughtily and bit her lip. She could already feel her clit tingling. The mature woman pulled her dress up to her hips to make herself more comfortable and licked her lips in eager anticipation. The sight of Mick's large cock made her mouth water.
“Seriously, what if Lena sees us?”
“If she sees us, I'll be the naughty one who seduced her husband. Stop worrying, honey!”
Shirley gave the shaft a testing squeeze
“This is one fine dick if I've ever seen one”, she purred, “And believe me, I've seen a few”, she added saucily.
She started slowly stroking him, but she couldn't resist the tempting sight for long. She opened her mouth and gave his a long wet lick from balls to tip. “Mmm, nice”, she sighed. She savored the musky, manly taste for a moment before giving it another suck as if his dick was a large, meaty popsicle.
Mick was holding on to the bock shelf, still not quite sure what to make of the situation when Shirley's full lips suddenly enveloped the head of his penis. A gasp of delight rushed through him.
His neighbor suckled on his cock like a baby on a nipple, relishing the taste and texture. She tickled his dick hole with her nimble tongue and gently caressed the rim of his glans with her burgundy-red lips. She teased him for a blissful while before releasing his penis with a wet smacking noise.
“Oh God Mick, your cock feels amazing!” she moaned while gently stroking the hardening shaft.
“Quiet!” Mick hissed. “Or Lena will year you!”
Shirley bit her lip and smirked. She clearly was enjoying this risky game. She finally took her left hand of his belly. He wouldn't try to get away now. Not after this taste she'd given him. She ran a hand down between her legs and gave her vulva an exhilarating squeeze.
“My panties are already totally soaked through.” She winked at him while continuing to caress her labia. “You are making me horny as fuck, honey bear!”, she giggled and spread her kneeling legs a little bit further to allow easier access.
Shirley pursed her lips and let a large blob drool pour down on the eight-inch meat pole that Mick's cock had grown into. With loving care she massaged the pulsating shaft until it was coated in a thick layer of glistening slime and beads of it were running down over his balls. She blew him a kiss before shoving the massive dick into her mouth once again.
Her head bobbed back and forth along the greased shaft, accompanied by muffled moans of pleasure, while her abounding tits bounced in the rhythm. The luscious cougar could feel his hard erection slide over her supple tongue and squeeze deeper past her gums. She relished the hard meat inside her, she could even feel the veins below its skin pulsating. Her pussy was burning with desire. A bead of warm juices trickled down her inner thigh and sent a shiver down her spine. All worked up she dug two fingers down inside her pussy and flicked her flushed clitoris. She fingered the slavering cleft with ardent fervor and made a rapturous groan work its way past the cock in her mouth.
The young man started answering her movements and thrusted his pelvis towards her, sending a tremble through the book autoréglage shelf every time. He started grunting with every thrust that shoved his penis a little bit further down his neighbor's throat. From time to time, she would let Mick's cock slip out and indulged in a profound lick of his shaft and balls. She nibbled on its head and massaged the crest with swift fingers, only to then shove it back into the hot wetness of her avid mouth.
A fiery tingle started emanating from Shirley's pussy as she worked it harder. It spread into her sweating thighs and went to take possession of her entire body. She shoved her fingers deep inside herself and squeezed her love button while Mick kept fucking her face with coveting intent. Finally she felt his cock slip past her uvula and all the way down her throat, the power of the man's thrust shoving it inside until her wet lips kissed his pelvis.
A surge of bliss rushed through Shirley and hit her with the force of a freight train as she climaxed. The sudden orgasm made her thighs spasm. Her eyes rolled up under her lids and her fingers clamped around the painfully throbbing clit when a stream of girl cum squirted into her hand. The steaming juices seeped through Shirley's sodden panties and formed a puddle that stained the carpet. Gently she pulled her head back and let the formidable cock slip out of her mouth. Thick strands of drool remained and stretched from the glans to her glistening lips. One of the straps of her dress had slipped down her arm and now most of her succulent milk udders swayed freely before her. A prurient, satisfied groan crawled from her lips. His wife's fried looked up to him and panted, amazed.
“Fuck! I didn't know that you could cum from only sucking cock!”, Mick exclaimed as loudly as he dared.
Shirley gave him a proud grin. “I might have helped myself a bit.” She pulled her drenched hand away from her still dripping pussy. She raised her fingers to her mouth and licked each one of them clean with lewd pleasure. “Mmmm, yummy.” She leered at him with a lusty smirk “Your turn”, she whispered and started eagerly lapping at his shaft. She massaged his sack and smeared it with girl cum, only to lick it off and tickle him with her velvet tongue before shifting her attention back to his cock and plunging it deep down her throat.
Mick bit his lips and hammered his fists against the book shelf while trying not to groan too loudly with pleasure. Suddenly, there was a nasty “Crack!” as he hit one of the shelf boards to hard. The small dowels that held it in place couldn't stand up against the rapturous forces evoked by Shirley's expert tongue and ultimately cracked. A dozen books tumbled on the floor next to the two, followed by a terracotta vase which shattered into a hundred pieces. Mick and Shirley hardly noticed. They kept galloping on.
“Mickey darling? Shirley? Is everything okay down there?”
Mick froze, suddenly wide awake again. He grabbed Shirley's hair and brought her to a sudden stop.
“No! I mean yes! We're fine!”, he shouted back towards Lena's voice.
The lecherous brunette at his feet looked up at him and smiled an evil grin. She got hold of Mick's hands and pinned them to his sides. Once again unhindered, she slowly resumed sucking his cock.
Mick looked down at her in terror, but Shirley couldn't be swayed that easily. Now it was getting fun.
“What happened down there? Did you break something?”
“One! One of the shelves!” He shouted between silent gasps of pleasure. At least Shirley's snickering was muffled by his dick. “One of the shelves got loose!”
“Oh no!”
“What's wrong, darling? Are you hurt?”
Mick glowered down at his neighbor. She sat there at his feet like a wanton whore and with wide grin on her face – as far as that was possible with a penis in her mouth. She had released his arms and had given his balls a hefty and painful squeeze instead.
It was already hard enough for Mick to concentrate with his cock halfway down his nympho neighbor's throat. He could do without her making it even more difficult. Enough of the games. Without further ado Mick grabbed her head and shoved his shaft all the way down her throat until he felt his balls smack against her chin and sending her juicy teats jumping That should give her something to chew on. Shirley's eyes bulged out as she was taken aback by her victim's sudden retaliation, but she stayed quiet.
“Mick?” Footsteps were pounding down the stairs.
“Yes, everything's fine! That vase Mia gave us is broken, but that's all. You don't have to trouble yourself, it's nothing!”
“Are you sure?” Lena didn't sound quite convinced.
“Yes, yes! Shirley is already helping me a great deal!” He looked down at his wife's friend. This time it was she who was glowering.
“Well all right then. How's the phone coming along?”
“I'm almost finished!”
“Great, so am I! I'll be down with you in five minutes!”
Mick heard a door close and finally let go of Shirley's hair. Her head catapulted backwards and she spat out his slick shaft.
She coughed and gasped for air, but when she was finally able to talk again, she whispered: “Holy Fuck, Mickey! Didn't think you had it in you, but… Wow!” She grinned and licked her lips before continuing: “Did she say five minutes?”
Shirley frowned. “Well then we'll better make it quick!” She jumped his cock before he had any time to reply.
She gave him all she had and sucked his pole with burning passion. Mick had grasped her hair again and fucked her face avidly. Her huge tits had completely freed themselves of their cotton constraints and were jumping up and down with every thrust.
“Yes! Yesyes! Almost there!” He moaned between his teeth. Shirley grunted, hungry for his cum.
Finally felt the ecstatic waves of his orgasm well through his long shaft and unloading pulse after pulse of thick, hot jizz into Shirley's insatiable mouth.
She swallowed every drop of it with lustful eagerness and let the heaving organ pop out of her mouth to lick it clean. A few belated spurts ended up on her face and on her milky tits. Shirley kept stroking the relaxing shaft, to make sure she got every last dribble out of it. She breathed a sigh of happiness as she wiped the semen of the soft skin to lick it up.
Mick had to hold on to the damaged book shelf to stay on his feet. He was desperately gasping for air and the ground beneath his feet seemed to have turned into the deck of a ship, swaying from side to side.
“I think you might actually have sucked my brains out.” he determined with an exhausted grin.
His neighbor nodded proudly. “Ain't half bad, right?”
When they heard Lena coming down the stairs, they quickly jumped up and straightened their clothes.
Mick fastened his belt and ran a hand through his hair. “How do I look?”
“Tired as hell, honey”, Shirley whistled. “What about me?”
He couldn't help but leer and give her a lopsided grin. “You look like a Nymphomaniac after an orgy.” He wiped a speck of cum from her cheek and let her lick it off. She kept suckling his finger until Lena came around the corner.
“Wow, you two look like that broken shelf rattled you quite a bit!”, Lena laughed as she saw the two standing there like dishevelled rascals.
“Well, you don't suspect a bookshelf to suddenly fall apart like that, do you”, Shirley asserted and gave her friend a warm smile.
“Yea, I guess you're right.”
“Oh by the way, don't forget your phone!” Mick reminded her.
“I almost forgot about that! This whole shelf affair really tripped me up” Shirley shook her head, still feeling a bit dizzy from their romp. “Thanks again so much, Mick, for helping me out. I really don't know what I would've done without you.” She winked.
“My pleasure! And if anything else gives you trouble you can always come over, I'll be happy to take a look.”, he assured her with a grin.
“I definitely will, honey! And Lena, I'll see you Wednesday then?”
“Sure, sounds great!”
Shirley snatched her purse off the desk and stowed away her phone. Mick and his wife escorted her to the door where the buxom lady said good bye to each of them with an affectionate hug before sashaying back over to her own house.
“You two got along quite nicely”, Lena ascertained.
“Yes, I think you could say that.” They stood there for a moment, watching Shirley's behing sway entcingly from side to side, before Mick said:”You spend more time with her than I do, so tell me: is she always like this?”
“I'd actually say she was a little bit on the chaste side today. I half expected her to try to seduce you.”
“Really?” He tried to look surprised.
“Well, I couldn't hold it against her if she did”, she giggled and kissed him. “After all, you're a pretty cute guy.” DrPantaleon

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