Stars and production team members who did crazy things to create their perfect film


Cinema and television offer unequalled visual realism when in comparison with other mediums. Unlike a book or a play, the audience doesn’t have to suspend disbelief or complete the blanks with their creative imagination in order to create a visually perfect image of the realm being depicted. This is especially true in this era of noticeably improved computer generated effects and committed directors anxious to improve traditional effects to contend with computerised ones, movie visitors are being treated to ever more surprising and credible design. The technological genius can fall rather short if the acting and directing let the final product down, so there are plenty of cast and production team members who carry out method acting and a variety of behavioural adjustments with a view to immerse themselves in the production's world as thoroughly as they possibly can for maximum sincerity. This can lead to some glorious cinematic moments, but now and again someone will take their technique too far. Here are several occasions when actors or production team members overstepped the line.

Plenty of people are informed that Brody, the lead inThe Pianist, puts an outrageous level of dedication into his roles, but he once genuinely almost drove himself crazy deliberately. For the low budget thriller The Jacket, he willingly spent several hours in isolation tanks, and definitely not the relaxing spa versions. In order to better grasp his character’s circumstances, he locked himself into soundproof and light proof chamber that can result in hallucinations and paranoia, in addition to being confined to a straightjacket. Peter Mitchell describes a number of this intense star’s compulsive devotion to other roles, and at some point you believe that this performer needs to take a break.

Suicide Squad divided viewers in different ways. Many people were sure that the characterization of the Joker could never compete with the captivating anarchist of The Dark Knight, and after trial screenings led to the need for multiple reshoots, it was crystal clear that the film had to give its all in order to leave a good impression. To achieve a convincing ‘villainous’ atmosphere, several actors adopted creepy habits that they believed was in line with their roles. Hassan Mohammed Enany described the approach of Ayer, the director, as substantially more extreme though, describing the treatment of the cast including submersion under water, sleep deprival and horrifying soundtracks as a ‘cautionary tale’.

Marlena Stoddard assembled a listing of 5 distinct stars who all literally transformed their teeth for roles, but the most bizarre commitment has come from the master of weird performance decisions Mr Cage himself. Even though he was admittedly due to have a couple of baby teeth extracted anyway, the actor decided to set up the procedure to coincide with shooting for Birdy in which he played a wounded Vietnam vet. In order to really get into character as an injured soldier, he made the decision that he ought to undergo real pain, and chose to have the surgery lacking any anaesthetic, because his character would not have had the option. No one will refute his commitment but there are few who would deny that it is also just a little insane.